São Paulo Arbitration Week (SPAW) is a collaborative platform for events and academic debates that encourages networking and focuses on alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation. For seven days, São Paulo welcomes participants from all over Brazil and around the world, repeating the success of similar weeks organized in several countries, such as France, Australia, and China.

In the events organized by CAM-CCBC alone, there were over 900 registrations of people from at least three continents between October 21- and October27. Altogether, there were 26 events offered by 29 institutions, chambers, offices, OAB (the Brazilian Bar Association) entities, groups of young lawyers and others.

This means that the initiative grew 42% compared to its first edition in 2018, reaching the level of traditional and pioneering arbitration weeks of other countries. Among the topics addressed, some highlights were cybersecurity, the role of arbitral institutions, corporate collective arbitration, the Singapore Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation and transparency.

The third edition of the São Paulo Arbitration Week will take place between October 19 and 25, 2020. The rules for registering your event in the SPAW calendar will be available in January 2020. Learn more at https://www.sparbitrationweek.com.br/

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